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donation_10.00   $10 Donation
donation_10.00_monthly   $10.00 Recurring Monthly Donation
donation_100.00   $100 Donation
donation_100.00_monthly   $100.00 Recurring Monthly Donation
donation_1000.00   $1000 Donation
sponsorship_125.00   $125 Donation
sponsorship_20.00   $20 Donation
donation_25.00   $25 Donation
donation_25.00_monthly   $25.00 Recurring Monthly Donation
donation_250.00   $250 Donation
sponsorship_250.00   $250 Donation
donation_250.00_monthly   $250.00 Recurring Monthly Donation
donation_50.00   $50 Donation
sponsorship_50.00   $50 Donation
donation_50.00_monthly   $50.00 Recurring Monthly Donation
donation_500.00   $500 Donation
sponsorship_500.00   $500 Donation
donation_75.00   $75 Donation
donation_75.00_monthly   $75.00 Recurring Monthly Donation
Membership_adult   Adult Membership (Automatic yearly renewal)
BricksForRescues   Bricks For Rescues
Membership_College_Student   College Student Membership (Automatic yearly renewal)
donation_2feedbags   Donate 2 Bags of Feed
donation_hayandfeed   Donate 2 Bales of Hay & 1 Bag of Feed
donation_haybale   Donate a Bale of Hay
donation_AnyAmount   Donation - Any Amount
donation_download_form   Donation by Mail
sponsor_dewey   Sponsor Dewey
sponsor_hee_haw   Sponsor Hee-Haw
Membership_student   Student Membership (Automatic yearly renewal)

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